Hours 6AM-6PM Monday through Friday

Wee Ones Nursery

Our Wee Ones Nursery provides a loving and safe place for infants ages 6 weeks to 24 months. Our all inclusive space includes a kitchen area, diaper changing area, nursing mother’s space, Foamnasium large motor play space, separate areas for mobile and stationary infants, structured age appropriate activities, and an emphasis on the interaction and communication modeled in 30 Million Words by Dana Suskind M.D. Safe sleep practices as well as full size cribs will be used with all infants to ensure a safe and healthy sleep environment. Pipsy’s Wee Ones Nursery also provides diapers and wipes for the children in this room. Every effort has been made to provide a safe and creative space for children to learn and develop through exploration and intentional interaction. Brightwheel is used for regular communication between families and staff including check in/out, daily routine, feeding and sleeping schedule, developmental milestones, and communication in the event of an emergency.

Wee Fun Large Group Space

Children benefit from interacting with peers of different ages as well as interacting with siblings throughout the day. Younger children learn by the examples of older children and older children learn how to be leaders and caregivers by interacting with younger children. Our Wee Fun Large Group Space is a unique new approach to licensed childcare with a large interactive space full of age appropriate centers and an indoor large motor play ground where children can safely play and learn with peers ages 2-5 years old. We are excited to introduce this type of interactive development opportunity typically only found in an in home childcare setting by removing age segregated classrooms for older children. Living in Iowa we experience very hot summers and very cold winters. There are times that it is not safe for our children to play outside in the extreme weather. Pipsy’s Wee Care and Preschool is very excited to offer the only licensed childcare facility in the community with a Cedar Works indoor playground so that children have ample opportunity to get large motor activities in even when weather doesn’t allow outside play time. This room is equipped with secure access as well as storm shutters and direct exits for evacuation to ensure that the children experience minimal disruption to their day in the event of an emergency. Brightwheel is used for regular communication between families and staff including check in/out, daily routine, menus, newsletters and communication in the event of an emergency.

Wee School Classroom

While we understand the many benefits of peer interaction with different age groups we also understand the importance of structured, age appropriate, learning opportunities. Early childhood education with an emphasis on kindergarten preparedness will be provided in our Wee School Classroom. At 2 years of age children start participating in structured classroom time on Tuesday and Thursday mornings using Experience Early Learning Curricula as well as faith based supplemental curriculum. Monday Wednesday and Friday mornings all of our 3 year olds participate in class time and every afternoon all of our 4 and 5 year old children participate in class time. By using the same classroom, teacher, and curriculum for all of our age groups we are able to provide a unique level of consistency that will help children prepare for kindergarten with the confidence that comes with a consistent supportive preschool environment. We also introduce our loving savior and moral guidelines through age appropriate bible lessons. Our teacher has the unique opportunity to work with the children for 3 years to really ensure they are getting the support they need, when they need it, as they grow. By offering on site preschool the children also have the advantage of year round programming with fewer breaks to reduce opportunities for regression. Children in the first five years learn best through exciting and engaging exploration and play. With the guidance of their teacher, and a structured curriculum, they get the opportunity to do this continually as they prepare for kindergarten. Brightwheel is used for regular communication between families and staff including check in/out, developmental progress reports, curriculum resources, newsletters, and communication in the event of an emergency.


Pipsy’s Wee Care and Preschool understands that for many families childcare may be their largest monthly expense. While we put an emphasis on a quality program run by staff that are well compensated, we also want to support families to ensure that tuition doesn’t create a financial burden. We accept both private pay families as well as state funded families. We also offer a tuition structure to accommodate families that work for our local school district. Pipsy’s Wee Care and Preschool offers transparent tuition pricing.

Current rates are as follows:

  1. Wee Ones Nursery Care: age 6 weeks to 24 months
    • Full Time $315/week
  2. Toddler Nursery Care: age 18 months to 36 months
    • Full Time $300/week
  3. Preschool Age Children: age 3 to 5 years
    • Full Time $280/week

Scholarships may be available for families experiencing financial hardship. Please inquire with the director for information on the application process and availability.